Rival IQ is Hiring!

Are you a rock star at building or marketing SaaS products? Looking to be part of a great team using the newest technologies? If so, we want to hear from you.

Smart People

We like to move fast, and we're a team of smart, decisive folks that don't mess around.  Life is too short to work with people that can't help you grow.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our codebase is written in Node.js, and runs on a variety of cloud technologies including Heroku and AWS. We're pushing the bleeding edge, so if that's your thing, bring it.

“Rival IQ is like competitive bookmarking on steroids.

Matt Trifiro

Chief Marketing Officer, Heroku

Rival IQ, proudly built in Seattle, WA.



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Opportunity for Impact

We're a small team. Everyone contributes at 100%. The work you do will be important because we don't have time to do things that don't move our business. Ready for action?

Email us at jobs@rivaliq.com.