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Benchmarking made easy

See how quickly your competitors are gaining followers, how often they post, their average engagement rate, and what their most successful posts look like.

Analyze and improve

Our tools will help you understand what you're doing right (and wrong), enabling you to make better decisions when it comes to your social media strategy.

Identify key influencers

View your own top mentioners as well as your competitors'. See each mentioner’s reach, the number of times they mentioned you or your competitors and total engagement on those mentions. Dig even deeper with sentiment analysis.

Stay ahead of the curve

Get instant alerts when competitors boost content, have a breakout post make a change to any of their channels. Use this knowledge to react quickly, or secure additional budget to keep pace.

Rival IQ is trusted by hundreds of companies to help them make better decisions

Data, analytics and insights across

you and your competition

Detect boosted posts

Imagine you could see exactly what your competition is up to across all their social channels... AND when they've secretly paid to boost their posts on Facebook. 

Rival IQ gives you all this information and more using a sophisticated machine learning algorithm built from millions of social media posts.

We've built Rival IQ to help you make smarter decisions based on real data. 

You can see which hashtags your competitors are using alongside stats like engagement and activity. This means you'll always know which hashtag to hijack.

Know which hashtags work

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“Rival IQ helps us set and validate our strategy by identifying our most passionate and engaged audience, and then helping us focus on content that we know they will want, like and share.”

“Rival IQ is a game-changer. Incredibly useful intelligence about the digital activities and successes of your competitors, delivered quick, easy and smart.”

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